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No need to know anything about AWS! The AWS Course is a great entry-level for AWS. It's great at assessing how well you understand AWS, its services, and its ecosystem. I want to help YOU pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with flying colors.
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This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is different from the other ones. Dare I say, better (but you’ll judge!)

  • It covers in-depth all the new topics on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 exam

  • It’s packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out

  • We are going to learn by doing

  • It teaches you how to prepare for the AWS exam

  • It’s a logical progression of topics, not a laundry list of random services

  • It’s fast-paced and to the point


  • No AWS Cloud experience is necessary, we’ll use the AWS Free Tier
  • No IT prerequisites required

What you’ll learn

  • Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • Full Practice Exam with Explanations included!
  • Learn the AWS Fundamentals 

This course includes:

  • On-demand video
  • 7 Quiz tests
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and PC
  • Audio description in existing audio
  • Certificate of completion

This AWS course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge:

  • There are many hands-on lectures in every section
  • There are quizzes at the end of every section
  • We’ll be using the AWS Free Tier most of the time
  • I’ll be showing you how to go beyond the AWS Free Tier (you know… the real world!)
Course Overview
What is AWS?
AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a comprehensive cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It provides a wide range of cloud services, including computing power, storage options, networking, databases, machine learning, and more, allowing businesses to build and deploy various types of applications and services without the need for on-premises infrastructure.
How secure is AWS?
AWS prioritizes security and compliance, offering a robust set of tools and features to help customers build secure environments. Security measures include data encryption, identity and access management (IAM), network security, compliance certifications, and regular security audits. AWS adheres to industry-standard security best practices and provides customers with the tools they need to implement strong security measures within their AWS environments.
What are the benefits of using AWS?
Some key benefits of using AWS include scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and global reach. AWS allows businesses to scale their infrastructure up or down based on demand, offers highly reliable services with built-in redundancy and failover capabilities, provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model, supports a wide range of workloads and technologies, and operates a global network of data centers to ensure low latency and high performance.
How does pricing work on AWS?
AWS employs a flexible pricing model that allows customers to pay only for the resources they use, without any upfront costs or long-term contracts. Pricing varies based on factors such as the type and size of the services used, data transfer rates, storage capacity, and additional features. AWS offers various pricing options, including on-demand pricing, reserved instances, spot instances, and savings plans, allowing customers to optimize costs based on their specific needs and usage patterns.
What types of businesses use AWS?
AWS caters to a diverse range of customers, from startups and small businesses to large enterprises and government organizations. Businesses across various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, and manufacturing, use AWS to power their applications and services. AWS's flexibility and scalability make it suitable for businesses of all sizes and types, from those just starting out to established enterprises with complex infrastructure needs.

What is Amazon Route 53, and what does it do?
Amazon Route 53 is a scalable and highly available Domain Name System (DNS) web service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, allowing users to route end-user requests to internet applications and services hosted on AWS or elsewhere. Route 53 supports various routing policies, health checks, and traffic management features to ensure reliable and efficient DNS resolution.
How does Amazon Route 53 support high availability and fault tolerance?
Amazon Route 53 supports high availability and fault tolerance through multiple mechanisms. It offers health checks to monitor the health of endpoints and automatically route traffic away from unhealthy ones. Route 53 also provides DNS failover, enabling automatic failover to healthy endpoints in the event of an outage. Additionally, it offers traffic flow policies like weighted routing, latency-based routing, and geolocation routing to optimize performance and resilience. These features help ensure that applications hosted on AWS remain available and resilient to failures.

How does Amazon S3 ensure data durability and availability?
Amazon S3 ensures data durability and availability through several mechanisms. Firstly, it replicates data across multiple devices and facilities within a region to provide redundancy and protection against hardware failures. Additionally, it offers multiple storage classes with different levels of redundancy and availability to suit various use cases and cost considerations. Moreover, Amazon S3 provides features like versioning, cross-region replication, and lifecycle policies to further enhance data durability and availability while enabling cost optimization.

🎓 Exciting Announcement: Complete Your Course with Confidence and Earn Your Certificate! 🎓


Dear Learners,

We are thrilled to announce that you can now embark on a structured journey to mastery with our comprehensive course. Whether you're a beginner eager to dive into the world of AWS or an experienced user looking to deepen your knowledge, this course is designed to guide you every step of the way.


Here's what you can expect:

1. **Step-by-Step Modules:**
Our course is divided into easy-to-follow modules, each focusing on a specific AWS service or concept. From Introduction to Amazon S3 to Advanced IAM (Identity and Access Management), you'll cover all the essential topics necessary to become proficient in AWS.

2. **Engaging Quizzes:**
At the end of each module, you'll find interactive quizzes designed to reinforce your learning. Test your understanding, challenge yourself, and solidify your knowledge before moving on to the next topic.

3. **Hands-On Assignments:**
Put your skills to the test with practical assignments tailored to each module. Apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios, solve problems, and gain valuable experience that will set you apart.

4. **Personalized Feedback:**
Receive personalized feedback on your assignments to help you identify areas for improvement and further enhance your skills. Our expert instructors are here to support you every step of the way.

5. **Certificate of Completion:**
Upon successfully completing all quizzes and assignments, you'll earn a prestigious Certificate of Completion. Showcase your expertise, boost your resume, and open doors to new opportunities in the ever-growing field of cloud computing.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to level up your AWS skills and achieve your professional goals. Enroll in our course today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in the cloud!


Happy learning!


Best Regards,

Dinesh Kodali.